Operating Policies of the

Carolinas Wind Orchestra (CWO)

Policy on Formal and Non-Formal Dress


In accordance with the CWO By-Laws and Membership Policy governing the conduct of CWO members, the Board of Directors adopts the following dress code for performances of the CWO.

Article 1. Clothing

Formal Performances (Concerts)


Black tuxedo

Pressed white dress shirt

Black bow tie

Black cummerbund or black tuxedo vest (optional)

Suspenders are permitted, but they must be either black or white.

Black dress socks (no ankle socks)

Black dress shoes (no cowboy or combat boots)


Plain black, floor to mid-calf length gown with long or 3/4 sleeves.


Long or mid-calf black skirt, with a black top having long or 3/4 sleeves. If a member wears slacks, they must be loose and flowing; nothing tight; no jeans.

Black or neutral hose and black dress shoes. No sandals.

Jewelry, sequins, and/or sparkles should not be excessive.

No plunging necklines, rising slits (dress and skirt slits must not exceed six inches in length), low-cut backs, or displays of midriff.

Shoulders, knees, and elbows should not be visible.

Non-Formal Performances

Attire will be announced for all non-formal performances.

Article 2. Exception to the CWO Formal or Non-Formal Performance Dress Policy

The Music Director shall have sole authority to determine the appropriateness of formal and non-formal performance attire. If a CWO member has a medical condition that requires alteration of the CWO Formal and Non-Formal Dress Policy, the member shall notify the Personnel Manager or Music Director. If the Music Director agrees to the policy exception, the member’s needs shall be accommodated.

Date of Adoption/Revision:  9/9/2019