Operating Policies of the

Carolinas Wind Orchestra (CWO)

Policy on Attendance

In accordance with the CWO By-Laws and Membership Policy governing the conduct of CWO members, the CWO Board of Directors adopts the following policy for attendance at CWO rehearsals and performances.

Article 1. Acknowledgment of Performance Availability

The Personnel Manager shall communicate, as appropriate, the dates and times of the rehearsals and performances for each playing season. CWO members shall acknowledge, within a reasonable time period, their intention to perform. If the member elects to play for a scheduled performance, the member shall indicate which rehearsals, if any, the member will not be able to attend. 

Article 2. Attendance at CWO Rehearsals

All CWO members who have acknowledged their intention to play for a scheduled performance shall attend all rehearsals. If, by prior arrangement or due to unavoidable conflict or emergency, a CWO member cannot attend a rehearsal, the CWO member shall inform the Section Representative prior to the scheduled rehearsal. In the case of unavoidable conflicts and emergencies, the CWO member shall inform the Section Representative within a reasonable time period.

Article 3. Attendance at CWO Performances

If in preparing for a scheduled performance a CWO member is unable to attend two or more rehearsals, the Personnel Manager, in consultation with the Music Director and the CWO Executive Committee, may request that the CWO member not play at the scheduled performance.

Date of Adoption/Revision:  9/9/2019